(As of 31 Mar 2022, listed in alphabetical order)
  1. Actfair Limited
  2. Asia Falcon Limited
  3. Beauty Shadow Co. Limited
  4. Best Honor Electrical Limited
  5. Bor Kee Electrical Development Company Limited
  6. Charming Company
  7. Choi Fung Trading Company
  8. Eight Limited
  9. Fine Sky International Enterprise Limited
  10. Germain Lighting Limited
  11. Greenpower Technology Ltd.
  12. Kong Gei Company
  13. Lichton International Limited
  14. Megaman (HK) Electrical & Lighting Limited
  15. Mayloon Lighting Company Limited
  16. Miracle International Holdings Limited
  17. NVC Lighting Technology Hong Kong Limited
  18. Olits lighting Co.
  19. Omni Electrical (HK) Co. Ltd.
  20. Pilot Lighting (HK) Ltd.
  21. Po Hong Electronic Co., Ltd.
  22. Rio Industrial Ltd.
  23. Saniopto HK Limited
  24. Sealand Industrial Co. Ltd.
  25. Shun Hing Electric Works & Engineering Co. Ltd.
  26. Starwise Industrial (Hong Kong) Limited
  27. Starwise Lighting Company Limited
  28. Super Electrical Limited
  29. T&J Electric International Limited
  30. Tai Ming Electrical Fty. Ltd.
  31. Tripe Way (HK) Limited
  32. U Land lighting (HK) Co. Ltd
  33. Wah Lap Co. Limited
  34. Winson Industrial (Asia) Co. Ltd.
  35. Yong Ming Industrial Company
  36. Zhan Yi International Trading Limited
(As of 31 Mar 2022, listed in alphabetical order)
  1. Limited
  2. Cheung Fai Ho
  3. Ching Kung Electrical & Locks Works
  4. Chung Kee Housware And Metaware Co
  6. Hang Lee Lighting Co
  7. Ho Wan Electrical Co
  8. Home Mart Lighting
  9. Hop Shing Electrical
  10. Huafuda Lighting Consultants Ltd.
  11. Main Tech Engineering Co
  12. Meyer Co.
  13. My Shop Limited
  14. New Meidik Family Electrical Centre
  15. Ngai's Co
  17. Polycenta Ltd
  18. Pricerite Stores Limited
  19. Shing Fat Building Materials Ltd.
  20. So Kee Water Electrical Decoration Engineering
  21. Sunshine Lighting Ltd.
  22. Tai Wah Metal Electrical
  23. Tak Shin Co
  24. Tastemaker.Lamps
  25. The Dairy Farm Company Limited - Wellcome
  26. Wah Wai Lamps Co
  27. 康盛裝修水電工程
  28. 萬寶水電冷氣工程
Trade Associations
(As of 31 Mar 2022, listed in alphabetical order)
  1. Hong Kong & Kowloon Electrical Appliances Merchants Association
  2. Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association
  3. Hong Kong Retail Management Association
  4. Hong Kong Suppliers Association
  5. Radio Association of Hong Kong
(As of 31 Mar 2022, listed in alphabetical order)
  1. 8 Waterloo Road
  2. A-1 Bakery Co., (HK) Limited
  3. ABB (Hong Kong) Ltd.
  4. Able Engineering Company Limited - Construction of Public Housing Development at Tuen Mun Area 54 Site 1 & 1A
  6. Accredited Certification International Limited
  7. Aeolus (Asia) Ltd
  8. AIA International Limited
  9. Airport Authority Hong Kong
  10. Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital
  11. Alliance Construction Materials Limited
  12. Analogue Group of Companies
  14. Anway Limited
  15. APW CPA Limited
  16. ARA Asset Management (Fortune) Limited
  17. ARA Asset Management (Prosperity) Limited
  18. ASB Biodiesel Hong Kong Limited
  19. ASC (H.K.) Limited
  20. Asia Airfreight Terminal Co., Ltd.
  21. Associated Engineers, Limited
  22. Astoria Estate Management Company Ltd.
  23. ATAL-Degremont-China Habour Joint Venture
  24. Baby Ltd
  25. Bay Bridge Lifestyle Retreat
  26. BEAUSKIN Medical
  27. Bee's International Group Limited
  28. BeeXergy Consulting Limited
  29. BIZ Office Limited
  30. Boardway-Nassau Investments Limited
  31. BPS Global Management Limited
  32. Bradbury Hospice
  33. Brilliant (Man Sau) Engineering Limited
  34. Build King - SKEC Joint Venture
  35. Build King Civil Engineering Limited
  36. Canon Hongkong Company Limited
  37. Carthy Limited
  38. Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
  39. Cayley Property Management Limited
  40. Cayman Rise
  41. Central Fabrics Ltd
  42. Centre Base Limited
  43. Cheshire Home, Shatin
  44. Cheung Hing Construction Company Limited
  45. Chin Fung Engineering Co.
  46. China Aoyuan Group Limited
  47. China Graduate School of Theology
  48. China Harbour Engineering Company Limited
  49. China Overseas Building Construction Limited
  50. China Overseas Holdings Limited
  51. China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd
  52. China Overseas Property Services Limited
  53. China Resources Property Management Limited
  54. China Road and Bridge Corporation
  55. China State Construction International Holdings Limited
  56. Chissay (Property Management) Ltd
  57. Christian Family Service Centre
  58. Chu Kong High Speed Ferry Company Limited
  59. Chun Fai Construction Company Limited
  60. CHUN SING ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED - Foundation, ELS and Pile Cap Works Wong Chuk Hang Station Package Four Property Development
  61. Chun Wo Construction & Engineering Co Ltd.
  62. Chun Yang International (HK) Company Limited
  63. CITIC Telecom Internaitonal Holdings Limited
  64. Citybase Property Management Limited (The Pacifica Mall)
  65. Clinks Diamond & Jewellery Limited
  66. CLP Power (Hong Kong) Limited
  67. Club East
  68. Community Partner Foundation Limited
  69. Computer And Technologies Holdings Limited
  70. Contract No. NE/2017/07 Cross Bay Link, Tseung Kwan O - Main Bridge and Associated Work
  71. Corinthia By The Sea Property Management Limited
  72. Country Garden Property Services HK Holdings Company Limited
  73. CRCC - Kwan Lee - Paul.Y. JV Contract No. YL/2020/01 Development of Lok Ma Chay Loop: Main Works Package 1 - Contract 1 Site Formation and Infrastructure Works inside Lok Ma Chau Loop and Western Connection Road Phase 1
  74. CR Construction Company Limited
  75. Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited
  76. Diamond Sky Enterprise Limited
  77. Diamond Sky Oil Limited
  78. Discovery Bay Services Management Limited
  79. Domain Mall
  80. Doresett Tsuen Wan Hotel
  81. Dr I-Kids Education Centre
  82. Easy Job Partner Group (HK) Limited
  83. Easy Living Limited
  84. E. Lite Property Management Limited
  85. Energy Resources Management
  86. Enoch Deco Co. Limited
  87. Ensec Solutions Hong Komg Limited
  88. Far East Finance Centre
  89. Foodies Market Limited
  90. Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
  91. Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited
  92. Future Lighting Collection Ltd
  93. Gammon Construction Limited
  94. Goldwell Property Management Limited
  95. Good Excel Property Consultants Limited
  96. Goodwell Property Management Limited
  97. Goodwill Management Limited
  98. Grand Coffee Company Limited
  99. Grantham Hospital
  100. Green One Lab Limited
  101. Guardian Property Management Limited
  102. Hanberg Limited
  103. Hang Lung Properties Limited
  104. Hankyu Hanshin Express (HK) Limited
  105. Harbour City Estates Limited
  106. Harbourfront Landmark Premium Services Limited
  107. Harriman Management Services Ltd.
  108. Harriman Property Management Ltd.
  109. Henderson Land Group Subsidiary Well Born Real Estate Management Limited
  110. Heng Wah (Hong Kong) Decoration Co., Ltd.
  111. Hip Hing Construction Co., Ltd
  112. Hip Seng Construction Co. Ltd.
  113. Hip Shing Hong (Holidings) Company Limited
  114. Hong Huan Group Limited
  115. Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited
  116. Hong Kong Airport Services Limited
  117. Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute
  118. Hong Kong Baptist University
  119. Hong Kong Boardband Network Ltd.
  120. Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation
  121. Hong Kong Cable Television Limited
  122. Hong Kong Health Care Alliance Ltd
  123. Hong Kong Housing Authority
  124. Hong Kong Housing Society
  125. Hong Kong Note Printing Limited
  126. Hong Kong Rope Skipping Federation, China
  127. Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
  128. Hong Yip Service Co., Ltd.
  129. Hongkong United Dockyards Ltd
  130. Hospital Authority
  131. Hotel COZi
  132. Hotel Ease
  133. Hotel ICON
  134. Hugogate Ltd
  135. Hutchison Logistics Centre Management Limited
  136. Hutchison Property Management Company Limited
  137. Hutchison Property Management Limited
  138. iCarbon Smart
  139. International Property Management Limited
  140. Island Lodge (Management) Ltd.
  141. Island Residence
  142. Island South Property Manaement Limited
  143. iTech Data Limited
  144. i-Urban Limited
  145. Jeston Technology Corporation Limited
  146. Jeston Works Company Limited
  147. Jones Lang LaSalle Management Services Ltd
  148. Joyful Inn Limited
  149. Junior Chamber International Tai Ping Shan (Hong Kong) Ltd.
  150. Jumbo Orient Contracting Ltd
  151. Kai Shing Management Services Ltd
  152. Kerry Property Management Services Limited
  153. Kin Wing Engineering Company Limited
  154. Kin Wing Foundations Limited
  155. Kittiwake Social Service Association Ltd
  156. KML Engineering Ltd
  157. Konica Minolta Business Solutions (H.K.) Limited
  158. Konstar Industries Limited
  159. Korean Corner Company Limited
  160. Kum Shing Group
  161. LBS Refreshment Services Limited
  162. Lei King Wan (Management) Limited
  163. Life Learn Limited
  164. Long Data Technology Limited
  165. Macroview Telecom Limited
  166. Magic Clean Environmental Services Limited
  167. Man Yue Electronics Co Ltd
  168. Management Company of Olympic House Ltd.
  169. Manhattan Centre
  170. Mapletree Greater China Property Management Limited
  171. Materialab Consultants Limited
  172. Maulden Investments Limited
  173. Mayer Brown
  174. MegaBox Management Services Limited
  175. Melco Group
  176. Mitsubishi Electric (Hong Kong) Limited
  177. Minimal Hotel
  178. Modern Living Property Management Ltd.
  179. MTR Corporation Ltd.
  180. Music Shop Company
  181. Nam Pei Hong Sum Yung Drugs Company Limited
  182. Nan Fung Group - Hon Hing Enterprises Limited
  183. Nan Fung Group - Main Shine Development Limited
  184. Nan Fung Property Management
  185. Nan Fung Group - Main Shine Development Limited
  186. Nan Fung Group - New Charm Management Limited
  187. Nan Fung Group - Property Management Department
  188. Nan Fung Group - Vineberg Property Management Limited
  189. Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Co., Ltd.
  190. New World Construction Company Limited
  191. New World Development Company Limited
  192. North District Hospital
  193. Nova Insurance Consultants Limited
  194. NowHere Design Limited
  195. NWS Holdings Limited
  196. Ocean Wings
  197. One Hennessy
  198. oneCHARGE Solutions Limited
  199. Orient Overseas Container Line
  200. Ornament Enterprises Co., Limited
  201. Pamfleet Ever Gain Plaza Management Limited
  202. Paramatta Estate Management Limited
  203. Park Vale (Management) Limited
  205. Penta-Ocean Construction Co. Ltd.
  206. Pioneer Dynamic Limited
  207. PKF Hong Kong Limited
  208. Plaza Hollywood Limited
  209. Plus One Global Consulting Limited
  210. Ltd.
  211. Polytrade Paper Corporation Limited
  212. Prince of Wales Hospital
  213. Princess Margaret Hospital
  214. Program Contractors Limited
  215. Prosperity Land Estate Management Limited - China United Centre
  216. Protech Property Management Limited
  217. Ravia Global Appraisal Advisory Limited
  218. Ray On Construction Co., Ltd.
  219. Residential Management Service Ltd.
  220. Rhenish Church Grace School
  221. Royal Elite Service Company Limited
  222. Royal Peninsula
  223. S.H.K. Real Estate Management Co. Ltd.
  224. Sanfield Building Contractors Limited
  225. Sang Hing Civil Contractors Co., Limited
  226. SAPR JV Contract 3303-Third Runway & Associated Works
  227. Savills Property Management Limited
  228. SBC International
  229. Schenker International (H.K.) Limited
  230. Secure Information Disposal Services Limited
  231. Senior Citizen Home Safety Association
  232. Shanghai Construction Overseas Engineering Ltd
  233. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank HK Branch
  234. Shatin Hospital
  235. Shenwan Hongyuan (H.K.) Limited
  236. Shenwan Hongyuan Enterprises (H.K.) Limited
  237. Shenwan Hongyuan Securities (H.K.) Limited
  238. Sheseido Hong Kong Limited
  239. Shui On Centre Property Management Ltd.
  240. Shui On Properties Management Ltd.
  241. Shun Tak Properties Ltd.
  242. Shun Tak Property Management Limited
  243. Silka Far East Hotel, Hong Kong
  244. Silka Seaview Hotel, Hong Kong
  245. Silka Tsuen Wan Hotel
  246. Silka West Kowloon Hotel, Hong Kong
  247. Sino Computer Service Ltd
  248. Sino Estates Management Limited
  249. Sino Group
  250. Sinopec Kantons Holdings Limited
  251. Sky Charm Limited
  252. Sky Connection Limited
  253. Sky One Logistics Group Limited
  254. Smart Partner Limited
  255. Smile Foundation Ltd.
  256. Society of Landscape Hong Kong
  257. Soon Grow Enterprise Limited
  258. South China Group
  259. South Horizons Management Limited
  260. Sparks21 Ltd
  261. St. Barths
  262. St. Paul's Secondary School
  263. Stan Group (Holdings) Limited
  264. Stanhill Properties Limited
  265. Strategic HR Partner Limited
  266. Suga International Holdings Ltd.
  267. Sum Kee Construction Limited
  268. Supreme Management Services Ltd
  269. Swire Beverages Central Services
  270. Swire Coca-Cola H.K. Ltd.
  271. Swire Properties Limited
  272. Synergy Group Holdings International Limited
  273. Tai Pan Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services, Ltd.
  274. Tai Po Hospital
  275. The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  276. The City View
  277. The Great Eagle Properties Management Company Limited
  278. The Harbour View Place
  279. The Harbourview
  280. The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited - Headquarters Building
  281. The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
  282. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  283. The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd.
  284. The Humphreys
  285. The Incorporated Owners of Po Nga Court (Block A,B,C)
  286. The Law Society of Hong Kong
  287. The Open University of Hong Kong
  288. Tien Sung Group Limited
  289. Times Square Limited
  290. Toi Shan Association College
  291. Toppan Forms (Hong Kong) Ltd.
  292. Toppan Forms Card Technologies Limited
  293. Toppan Merrill Limited
  294. To's Universe Construction Co Ltd
  295. Townplace Kennedy Town
  296. Toyota Tsusho (H.K.) Corp. Limited
  297. Tradeport Hong Kong Limited
  298. Tseung Kwan O Government Secondary School
  299. Tsit Wing Coffee Company Limited
  300. Tsuen Kam Centre Shopping Arcade
  301. TWGHs
  302. UB Office Systems (H.K.) Ltd.
  303. Uchiya Hong Kong Limited
  304. UDomain Web Hosting Company Ltd.
  305. UpPotential Company Limited
  306. Urban Group (Head Office)
  307. Urban Property Management Limited
  308. Urban Renewal Authority
  309. Urban Technical Services Limited
  310. U-Tech Engineering Company Limited
  311. V city
  312. Vigers Property Management Services (H.K.) Limited
  313. Viva China Holdings Limited
  314. Vocational Training Council
  315. Vogue Laundry Service Limited
  316. Walgreens Boots Alliance Asia Sourcing Limited
  317. Web Host Limited
  318. Weba Technology (HK) Limited
  319. Wellness Club Ltd.
  320. Whampoa Garden Management Limited
  321. Whampoa Property Management Limited
  322. Wilshire Towers
  323. Wilson Parking (Holdings) Limited
  324. Wing Chai Industrial Building
  325. Wings Trading (HK) Co., Ltd
  326. Winson Cleaning Service Company Limited
  327. Wonderland Villas
  328. Wong Pai Bing Sutt Limited
  329. WTT HK Limited
  330. Yee Fai Construction Company Limited
  331. ZHEC-CCCC-CDC Joint Venture

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