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Awards and Results

Lippo Centre

RCx Continuous Enhancement Merit

Undertaking retro-commissioning (RCx) for the conservation of energy, Lippo Centre has been continuously making substantial achievement in saving energy and 23.3M kWh of electricity has been successfully saved over the past 7 years. A relatively large portion of energy saving was a result of the replacement of air-cooled chillers by water-cooled chillers and chiller plant optimsation with artificial intelligence (A.I.) big data analytics. With the big data collected in the building management system to be analysed and learnt by the A.I. system, optimised operation setpoint of chiller water supply temperature and chiller sequencing can be identified based on building load requirements and climatic condition. The A.I. system is also able to predict the cooling load by comparing the historical data and high accuracy on prediction can be assured through cross validation of training and test data.

Apart from the A.I. big data analytics, a few replacements of equipment have been taken place as part of the RCx works. For better controllability of supply air temperature and flowrate to increase energy efficiency, several major primary air units (PAUs) with high efficiency motor and frequency inverter were replaced. In terms of lighting, many areas including common corridor, passenger lift lobby and toilets were upgraded with LED luminaries with better energy-saving capability and longer lifespan. The on-going commissioning in Lippo Centre is found a great success that the persistence strategies are not limited to typical practices whereas adoption of smart technology further facilitates energy saving in their journey of RCx.

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