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Awards and Results

Great Eagle Centre

Outstanding RCx (Proposal) Award

Great Eagle Centre has been putting much effort in transforming the manual control of chiller plant into automation system when undergoing the process of retro-commissioning (RCx). Installing a new building management system (BMS) to the chiller plant, a solution provider is engaged for the implementation of energy saving opportunities (ESOs).

The Team has identified energy was wasted in the chiller plant due to various factors caused by manual operation and mechanical performance. COP of part load ratio reduced at non peak time hour and uneven distribution of cooling load were associated with error in manual setting of the chiller units. With flow meters installed in the dedicated chillers and header, the BMS can calculate the cooling load and generate the optimised sequencing strategy for the best energy efficiency range of the chillers.

In addition, the actual chilled water supply set points are not quite in line with the preset schedule. To deal with the situation, the Team makes good use of BMS to reset chilled water supply temperature automatically based on the outdoor air enthalpy or the temperature difference between chilled water supply and return temperature. The estimated energy saving on the annual chiller plant consumption after implementing the measures is around 5% to 8%. The automation of BMS in Great Eagle Centre successfully streamlines and enhances the operation of chiller plant while eliminating human error and equipment faulty operation.

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