"Green Welfare NGOs"
Support Scheme on Implementation of Energy Audits and Energy Saving Projects for Welfare NGO's Premises

  1. The 2020 Policy Address announced that Hong Kong would strive to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050. The Climate Action Plan 2050 have updated the climate action strategy regarding energy saving and carbon reduction .The whole community needs to work together to achieve this target. Adopting energy-saving measures, including using more energy efficient electrical and mechanical installations, is an effective way to decarbonise.
    Climate Action Plan 2050

  2. Under a current sister scheme “Green Schools 2.0 – Energy Smart”, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (“Government”) is upgrading electrical and mechanical installations for non-government, non-profit making schools. The initiative is welcomed by the education sector and the response has been enthusiastic.

  3. Noting the success of that programme, the Government introduces “Green Welfare NGOs” to subsidise and assist welfare NGO's premises to conduct an energy audit, replace existing air-conditioners with variable-speed air-conditioners (“VSAC”) and replace existing non-LED lightings fixtures with LED lighting fixtures at their premises.

  4. “Green Welfare NGOs” is a Government scheme to identify Energy Management Opportunities (“EMOs”) to promote improvement in energy performance and best practices in energy management where savings of energy and money can be made. Major scope of works of the scheme includes

    1. conducting energy audit

    2. replacing existing air-conditioners with VSAC

    3. replacing existing non-LED lighting fixtures with LED lighting fixtures

    at the premises of welfare NGOs receiving recurrent subvention from the Social Welfare Department (“SWD”). The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (“EMSD”) will provide subsidy and one-stop services for the concerned welfare NGO premises to implement the said energy saving projects in their premises. Under “Green Welfare NGOs”, EMSD will follow through the entire process of the energy saving projects, including conducting energy audits and formulating energy audit reports, site visits and technical assessments, procuring equipment, installation and commissioning, etc. All the expenses in relation to the installation of the energy saving projects (supply and installation costs and costs of professional services, etc.) will be fully covered by the Government under “Green Welfare NGOs”.

  5. Information on Energy Audit can be found here:
    https://www.emsd.gov.hk/beeo/tc/pee/Pamphlet_Energy%20Audit.pdf(In Chinese only)

  6. The closing date of new round of applications is 31 March, 2023

  7. The Guide to Application for "Green Welfare NGOs" can be downloaded here:
    Guide to Application
    Annex A – Application Form

  8. Original copy of the completed application form should be returned by post or by hand. We encourage participating NGOs to submit relevant supporting documents and supplementary information through electronic means as far as practicable in order to reduce the use of paper (though submission of the relevant documents and information in hard copy will also be accepted). Postal and email addresses are set out below:

    Postal address: Energy Efficiency Office, 7/F., Electrical and Mechanical Service Department Headquarters, 3 Kai Shing Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    (Please state “Application for Green Welfare NGOs” on the envelope)

    E-mail address: gwngo@emsd.gov.hk
    (Please state the name of participating welfare NGO's premise)

  9. Required format of spreadsheet on the inventory information of existing air-conditioners and lighting equipment:
    Inventory list template

  10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  11. Other reference materials can be downloaded here:

    Presentation Material for Programme Details of Green Welfare NGOs (In Chinese only)